What is Organizational Culture and Why does it matter?

In an era of rapid change, complex challenges and competition, the need to ensure cultural alignmentand develop cultures that can adapt to internal and external forces, has become an imperative mandate towards enabling change that is Sustainableto drive Performance and enable Competitive advantage.

“… culture is the most potent and hard-to-replicate source of competitive advantage – far more than … technological innovation” - James Heskett

Organizational culture, commonly defined as “the way we do things around here”, develops with or without conscious effortto become the DNA of every organization … and can either be a corporate asset or a liability. Organizational culture is highly observable but can easily be misinterpreted and lead to unpredictable employee performanceunless the critical factors that drive employee behaviours are fully understood.

We can help your organization to conduct a ‘quantitative and qualitative’ analysis of the causal factors that drive employee behaviours and identify the levers-of-change to impact individual performance, their impact on groups and the organization as a whole. We use scientifically proven instruments developed by Human Synergistics that have helped global Institutions across every industry to understand and bring about transformational change to improve and sustain the performance for the past 40 years. Contact us today to know more about how we can help.

Organisations expend substantial efforts and resources developing strategies, they have restructured, downsized, merged, benchmarked, or re-engineered their processes and yet the evidence shows that:

• More than 85% of organizations fail to execute their strategy effectively
• More than 70% of all change initiatives fail to deliver the expected results
• More than 50% of M&A deals fail
• Organizations with a positive organizational culture are 11 times more likely to attract and retainessential employees.
• Employee engagement has reached some of the lowest levelse.g., less than 50% in the GCC regions

… with corporate culture identified as one of the primary contributing factors!

Extensive research by thought leaders and independent institutions demonstrate a direct relationship between company culture and business performance. One of the most well known research was conducted by Harvard professors John Kotter and James Heskett in which, they studied more than 200 organizations in 22 industries over an 11 year period, to compare the performance of organizations thatconsidered corporate culture as a key aspect of their strategy and those that did not. The difference was both astonishing and significant. They discovered that for companies that focus on company culture:

James Heskett found that as much as half of the difference in operating profit between organisations can be attributed to effective cultures, primarily due to improved talent acquisition and retention which, results in productivity gains, improved customer relationships and loyalty.

Unfortunately the cultural implications of many organizational-wide change efforts are frequently underestimated because most of the focus is on process and policy changes. Even when leaders are aware of the importance of culture, many often attempt to bring about cultural change using a top-down approach aimed at influencing behaviors and practices. These efforts often fail because they attempt to address the effects of culture without understanding, identifying and/or addressing the underlying causes.

Aculture that is aligned with the company’s mission, values and strategy can generate real ENERGY and MOMENTUM, required to achieve optimal performance, successfully enable and sustain change, increase employee engagement, improve sales and increase customer loyalty, enable innovation, improve and sustain operational efficiency and profitability.

On the other hand, a misaligned culture can become an overwhelming obstacle to change and improvements – amplifying deep-seated but counterproductive beliefs and behaviours that are not consistent with the company’s current or future interests. In order to create sustainable behavioral change needed to achieve strategic goals, leaders must examine the culture within their organisations at the deepest levels and identify which traits are acting as barriers and which ones can be used to accelerate and sustain change.

We can help your organization with obtaining this deep understanding using a suite of instruments that are scientifically proven, independently validated, researched and developed over a period of 40 years. Global Institutions across every industry have benefited from using the instruments to understand and bring about transformational change in individuals, groups, managers and leaders to improve and sustain the performance of the organization as a whole. Contact us today to know more about how we can help.

“culture isn’t simply one aspect of the game… it is the game” –Lou Gerstner (ex-CEO of IBM) says in his book - Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance

About Us - 21st Century Consulting W.L.L.

Our consultants have a reputation for excellence, innovative thinking, flexibility and practicality. We don’t just offer opinions,we back it up with proven research that justify our recommendations. And we’ve worked in North and South America, Europe and Middle East, so we have a good understanding of different cultural environments and expectations.

Our team has extensive hands-on, diverse, international experience in leadership and planning in various small and very large industries. We haven’t always been consultants. We’ve actually had jobs with non-profits, large corporations and government. This allows us to provide unparalleled service in organizational consulting, strategic planning, coaching and facilitation.

We’ve worked on both sides of the boardroom table; we know what it’s like to be a client, because we’ve been there too. We understand the issues that face organizations operating in a constantly changing environment. We combine this perspective with our skills, experience, and commitment to give you meaningful, practical recommendations that you can actually implement.

We believe that every organization deserves a customized, engaging consulting process that responds to their unique challenges, timeline and budget. We can help with solutions by providing advisory, facilitation services, leadership coaching, research and analysis. We can also offer more in-depth planning, problem diagnosis and support over a longer period of time. Please Contact usto know more about how we might be able to help your organization become even better at fulfilling its goals.

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We provide an independent and honest perspective.

We don’t just give you opinions. Our recommendations are based on extensive research, in-depth analysis and understanding of your objectives.

We focus on what we do best and know our limitations. We will work with or engage external experts as a team, in a complimentary way to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We will not engage in projects where we know that we cannot bring value to our clients and will be the first to let you know.

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Our associates and consultant team has extensive hands-on experience in management and planning in diverse industries, private sector, government, diverse cultures and global markets. Our experience helps us understand your specific needs and provide unparalleled service in organizational development consulting, coaching and facilitation.

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An organizational culture that is better aligned with the corporate mission and adapts to complex business challenges driven by internal and external forces is a critical success factor! Our services will help you achieve this goal.

Diagnosis ofyour organizational culture at the individual, group and organization in order to:

Most managers today recognize that their most valuable asset is their people. Human Capital management (HCM) is about nurturing employee competencies (i.e., knowledge, behaviours, attitudes and skills) that are aligned with the corporate strategy and positively impact the bottom-line of the organization. Our services include:


Whether you’re a business, a non-profit organization, or a government agency, everyone needs to understand and communicate effectively with their client groups. Marketing is essentially about understanding and satisfying client needs, and communicating how you do that. Marketing also focuses on the best ways to develop and manage relationships with clients, partners, competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders. This aspect of marketing is often overlooked, but it should be an essential part of every organization’s strategy.

In a global economy, everyone has more competition than ever before, whether it’s for customers, clients or the hearts and minds of stakeholders. Our services include:

Consultant Team


Managing Director

Moyez Kassam is a co-founder and Managing Director of 21st Century Consulting. Moyez is an accomplished OD and management consultant with over 30 years of diverse international experience in developingand implementing innovative, strategic and transformational change initiatives that align,develop and leverage ‘Human Capital’ for business performance. Moyez is highly motivated by challenges that involve transformational-change initiatives that enable positive impact to individuals, organizations and communities as a whole.

Moyez has provided consulting to multi-national organizations related to the Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and Manufacturing industries in Canada, South America and the Arabian Gulf regions.



George is a highly successful entrepreneur in the publishing, advertising, marketing and research industry throughout the Arabian Gulf region since 1979. In 1991, he founded Red House Marketing (RHM), which is currently one of the most successful independent publishing, marketing and research organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain


Janet has extensive experience as an Executive, managing and leading organisational effectiveness and change across a number of diverse cultures and territories, including UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

With a career spanning over 20 years, within the financial services industry, she has been a key driver of organizational strategy, influencing and engaging individuals at all levels of an organization to deliver high performance.

Janet is currently the Managing Director of StartPoint and an Accredited Licensed Consultant of the Human Synergistics International Assessment Tools.


Board Member and Advisor

CEO at Zwell International
Chancellor: Wright Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential

Unique in the world of consulting, Dr. Michael Zwell leverages award-winning mathematical and cutting edge social science skills to maximize executive, team, and organization performance.

A frequent speaker and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Zwell published his ground-breaking “Creating a Culture of Competence” (John Wiley & Sons) on how to create high performing organizations, and developing and selling his state-of-the-art human capital management business.

He has contributed to the success of management teams in Europe and the United States, and brings this wealth of experience to teams that want to optimize performance.

After establishing himself as a force in mathematics at the University of Chicago, Dr. Zwell turned his attention to the social sciences as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and received his doctorate at Yale University. He has culled from the world of academic research the functional knowledge and skills that make him uniquely suited to help executives, teams, and organizations optimize their performance and results. An entrepreneur and founder of several companies himself, Dr. Zwell uses his knowledge, skills, and experience to help other organizations maximize their value and achieve their objectives. Subject matter expertise in: succession planning, selection, performance management, competency development, management team assessment, and CEO and board executive search.


Leena is a social entrepreneur as co-founder and Managing Director of 3BL ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Associates: a strategy consultancy and think-do-tank that is working to reimagine a more sustainable Middle East. She is the first consulting affiliate in the Arab world of Prof. Michael Porter’s ‘Shared Value’ Initiative. Leena also serves as the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Quality Control Consultant for Sustainability Reporting Training Partners in the MENA region. Leena has around 15 years of professional multi-disciplinary experience developing innovative social impact, sustainability and communications strategies for private, public, civil society sectors and international organizations in the GCC and New York.

Leena is frequently asked to speak on CSR, sustainability and social entrepreneurship at events and panels, including the Bahrain Social Business week, facilitated by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus’sGrameen Creative Lab; and alongside Forbes-featured Acumen Fund founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz.

Leena holds a MA in Globalization Studies from Dartmouth College where she studied as a Fulbright scholar, and a BSc. in Culture and Communications from New York University. She has also studied at Harvard Business School, and the THNK School for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam. She is also a biomimicry youth educator, and an Advanced PADI scuba diver.

Leena is on the Board of Trustees for the Bahrain Foundation for Reconciliation & Civil Discourse; she serves as a Ford Environmental Grants Judge; and is a Wall Street Journal Woman of Note.

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